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Pregnancy Women’s Loan

The Pregnancy Women’s Loan is a specialized financial product designed to provide financial support and resources to pregnant women, supporting their health and well-being during the prenatal and postnatal periods, aged 0-5 years. This unit is designed to meet the unique needs of expectant women, many of whom face extreme poverty.

The loan, which will be affordable, covers various expenses related to pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, including medical expenses, maternity clothing, and baby supplies. Additionally, we emphasize the establishment of small businesses to enable the mother to have a continuous source of income and facilitate easy repayment. The loan for pregnant mothers will be offered under very favorable terms and conditions, such as low-interest rates or extended repayment periods,

Why we want to provide this important “Microloan” service

  1. Many pregnant women in Tanzania live under stress due to a lack of funds for regular healthcare services, especially for clinic check-ups.
  2. The distance to healthcare services and transportation challenges are significant barriers. Without the means to afford hospital visits, many pregnant women forego clinic check-ups due to lack of transportation funds and the long distances involved.
  3. Many pregnant women face “Mental Health” challenges that can affect the development of the fetus, leading to cognitive disabilities and various other challenges for the child.
  4. The fourth point is that many women are poor and still un-intentionally get pregnant, leading to increased hardships in their lives after pregnancy due to a lack of formal employment opportunities and capital.


The loan program offers comprehensive support services, including access to prenatal care resources, health education materials, and referrals to community services for maternal and child health. It empowers pregnant women through financial literacy training and skills development, enabling them to make informed health and financial decisions, thereby enhancing their independence and well-being. This initiative aims to reduce the challenges faced by pregnant women, alleviate stress during pregnancy, and ensure the birth of healthy babies with strong cognitive abilities.