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CHWs Responsibilities

TibaSalama Digital Health App relies on Community Health Workers (CHWs) for the majority of its operations, making them crucial stakeholders in our daily activities. Their involvement ensures that we achieve our set goals timely and more efficiently.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide integrated primary healthcare services, including:

  • Health screenings for children and early detection of malnutrition
  • Prenatal and postnatal care for mothers
  • Health education and awareness on nutrition, vaccinations, disease prevention, etc.
  • Collection of health data from pregnant women, newborns, and children under five years.


Despite facing challenges such as unreliable transportation and harsh environments, our Community Health Workers (CHWs) in rural Tanzania are dedicated to providing essential services. Their efforts have significantly benefited the community by ensuring even those in vulnerable situations receive crucial services, like childbirth referral services. Through their work, many lives, especially women, have been saved and empowered with greater health knowledge, leading to increased awareness of primary healthcare. Communities have become more resilient against diseases and malnutrition, adopting measures to prevent malaria, HIV/AIDS, improving child and maternal nutrition, timely vaccination, and receiving family planning education. Additionally, pregnant women recognize the importance of early clinic visits to mitigate avoidable childbirth challenges.